Forklift check sheets

Some KOMATSU Forklift Truck Manuals & Brochures PDF are above the page. Today, Komatsu Group is one of the leaders in the production and sale of construction and mining equipment, municipal equipment, forest machines and industrial machinery.

Google Sheets: How to create a task completion check sheet. Google Sheet: IMPORTRANGE, IF, TODAY, conditional formatting, tick box, alternating colors, protect sheet and ranges, share sheet Sometimes you have teams, staff or students who all need to complete reports and tasks by a certain date, but you need a way to keep track of when the ...

Check the operation of load-handling attachments Check the transmission fluid level Daily Inspection Checklist: Yard Forklift Truck KEY OFF Procedures The vehicle inspection Overhead guard Hydraulic cylinders Mast assembly Lift chains and rollers Forks Tires LPG tank and locator pin LPG tank hose Gas gauge posted by steve Drake in and have Comments Off on MEWP Check Sheet Pic. No comments. ... If you are a Veteran (or active duty) and need forklift training, contact our ... A forklift checklist is a tool used by inspectors to ensure forklifts are in good working condition before use. Forklift checklists can be used in conducting safety inspections and maintenance checks to reduce likelihood of workplace injuries and deaths caused by forklifts in warehouses, factories, shipping yards, and other workplaces.

Sat. Unsat. N/A Operational Pre-Use Inspection Horn functions properly Backup alarm functions properly Control panel lights and gauges operational All operating lights functioning (headlights, taillights, brake lights, blinkers, reverse lights) Parking brake prevents movement when applying minimal pressure to acceleration pedal MECHANICAL INSPECTION: YES Lights: NO Front, Tail, Reverse and Brake lights. Good Working Condition YES NO Gauges, Hour Meter: Good Condition and Working. YES Mast: NO Lift Controls Smooth, Chain and Rollers Operating Freely, No Leak. YES NO Steering: Operates Freely, No Strange Noises. YES Horn: NO Works Properly. YES Forward & Reverse: NO