At1316 datasheet

The HCPL-2611 optocoupler is an optically coupled logic gate that combines a GaAsP light emitting diode and an integrated high gain photo detector.

3.3V 1:2 Fanout Differential LVPECL/LVDS to LVTTL Translator Description The MC100EPT26 is a 1:2 Fanout Differential LVPECL/LVDS to LVTTL translator. Because LVPECL (Positive ECL) or LVDS levels are used only +3.3 V and ground are required. The small outline 8-lead package and the 1:2 fanout design of the EPT26 makes it ideal for

AISI 314 / 1.4841 is an austenitic and heat resistant steel. | Good creep rupture strength. Very good resistance to high-corrosion. Resistant to scaling up to 1150°C. 4 REF6125, REF6130, REF6133, REF6141, REF6145, REF6150 SBOS747B–MAY 2016–REVISED AUGUST 2016 Product Folder Links: REF6125 REF6130 REF6133 REF6141 REF6145 REF6150 The NS892402 parts manufactured by NETSWAP are available for purchase at Jotrin Electronics website. Here you can find a wide variety of types and values of electronic parts from the world's leading manufacturers. BSC019N04NS G OptiMOS™3 Power-Transistor Features • Fast switching MOSFET for SMPS • Optimized technology for DC/DC converters • Qualified according to JEDEC1) for target applications IRF7319 Fig 3. Typical Transfer Characteristics Fig 1. Typical Output Characteristics Fig 2. Typical Output Characteristics Fig 4. Typical Source-Drain Diode Forward Voltage N-Channel 1 10 100 0.1 1 10 20µs PULSE WIDTH T = 25°CJ A V , Drain-to-Source Voltage (V)DS 3.0V VGS TOP 15V 10V 7.0V 5.5V 4.5V 4.0V 3.5V BOTTOM 3.0V

and AT1316/AT1316A Measurement of a Person Operating principle Stabilized spectrometric path Spectrometric and radiometric measurement modes Total activity threshold excess monitoring for 51Cr, 54Mn, 58Co, 59Fe, 65Zn, 95Nb, 100mAg, 103Ru, 124Sb, 141Ce and 144Ce in lungs Efficient and highly sensitive algorithm for MAX2634 315MHz/433MHz Low-Noise Amplifier for Automotie R DC Electrical Characteristics Stresses beyond those listed under “Absolute Maximum Ratings” may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these What is the plural of datasheet? What's the plural form of datasheet? Here's the word you're looking for. Answer. The plural form of datasheet is datasheets.